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Moving Forward: How to Live, Thrive and Stay Safe with COVID-19

Episode Summary

This second special Lunch & Learn regarding COVID-19 originally aired on Thursday, May 7, 2020. Moving Forward: How to Live, Thrive and Stay Safe with COVID-19 This special free one-hour audio call-in program addressed the angst and fear present as we continue to adjust to the constantly changing COVID-19 situation. What do cancer patients and their families need to know NOW as we move through the pandemic and prepare to slowly ease restrictions? Join Dr. Laura Connelly-Smith, Associate Professor of Medicine and the Assistant Medical Director of Apheresis and Cellular Therapy at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, who will share her expertise and wisdom. Jennifer Gillette, our LINK licensed staff social worker, provides coping skills and tips to instill calm.

Episode Notes

Please note that the information that was available at that time is reflected in this podcast. As well, more than 50 cancer related COVID-19 questions were asked in advance, which were incorporated into the presentation and about 10 more were answered live on the call, all relevant to staying well physically and mentally (coping) during this unprecedented time.

For more information, visit or LIKE us on Facebook. We post regularly and responsibly. If you would like to ask Jennifer, our licensed staff social worker a question or request a peer support mentor. feel fee to reach out to Jen at her email,

The information in this podcast should not be construed as medical advice. Please consult with your health care provider regarding your medical decisions and treatment. The listed resources are not intended to be endorsements.

Be well, stay home as much as possible. You've got this. 

A few reputable sites for more on COVID-19

Once restrictions are lifted, it is still best to live differently for now such as;

Do not allow anyone in your home if you or they show any signs of illness.

Avoid travel.

Avoid crowds and large gatherings.

Wear masks, wash hands, and use social distance.

Avoid touchscreens.

Discard masks if wet or dirty.

Do not touch your face.

Do anything remotely that you can.

Make sure caregivers take precautions.

Talk to your doctor about his or her recommendations.

Be compliant with your medications and treatments.

Avoid smoking.

Eat healthy, sleep, and exercise.  Increase protein.

Use your faith

Limit stress.  Stress ramps up inflammation which makes you more susceptible.

Do not isolate fully.  Reach out in safe ways.

Get information from only reputable resources and limit social media.

If you are concerned about returning to work, talk to your doctor about your concerns and ask your employer for accommodation.

Stay informed as we are learning new information every day.